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About us

Gwen and Connie are two friends who love art.
It was a good partnership right from the start.

Visit us in Huntsville at our studio in town.
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Our books help make early learning fun for young children. They are written in a clever rhyming style and the illustrations are cute and colourful.

Our newest book!

Artsy Seasons

A look at the four seasons through the eyes of a group of forest friends in Algonquin Park. Follow the animals as they gather clues to help them understand the changes that happen every season.

Add some colour to the seasons

Artsy Colour

The Artsy Colour book is written in a whimsical, rhyming style introducing ten popular colours. Each creative illustration features one of the ten colours in an animated, seek-and-find way. Fun for everyone!

Artsy Pear Alphabet Book

Artsy Alphabet

An animated alphabet adventure with adorable drawings weaving in and around the letters. It introduces many pre-reading skills such as letter name, phonics, upper and lower case recognition and vocabulary enrichment.

Artsy Numbers

A cheerful counting book that teaches young children to identify and count from ONE to TEN. This number adventure takes place in Algonquin Park. The reader joins a Jr. Park Ranger and hikes along a trail counting what they see. Children will delight in this seek and find activity.

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Please send us a note anytime, or visit us at our small store-front in downtown Huntsville, open 9-5.

Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for personalized birth announcements and new pieces of original art.

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